Drops of Life

Silence & Geirr

This story takes place in modern Colorado, where a small house of vampires resides under their Master Geirr. The humans of Colorado have no idea of course, but this story isn’t about those poor unsuspecting feed bags.

Silence, a political ambassador of sorts, is sent by her father and sire on part of the vampire council to see what Geirr and his house are up to, in case the council needs to step in and interfere with their lives. That’s right, vampires have douchey bureaucrats that like to invade privacy and freedoms too.

But Silence can never leave her house without being attacked since her dad is such a prominent figure, and of course she gets waylaid on the way to Geirr’s house and arrives with excess baggage, so to speak. From there, Silence and Geirr, who have met in the past but never got along, have the fun task of uncovering who is behind the latest plot against their mutual sire.

Vampires, gore, snarky remarks, sexual innuendo, torture, wet leggings, violence, psychotic tendencies, and unfiltered sex.