About Elizabeth Giambrone

Elizabeth Giambrone, the writer formerly known as ‘Evangeline Gold,’ holds a B.A. in Literary Studies and a Masters in sarcasm.

She is best known for forum lurking and snark, but occasionally has helpful advice.

When writing, she loves to add a little magic to her stories, playing off existing folklore and myths while adding little twists. Her works vary from sweet to steamy, much like clear beverages range from water to vodka. We’re talking heat. *wink*

Vampires are her soft spot, but her true love will always be fantasy. Currently, she is working on the first novel in what aims to be a vast series. Vampires, intrigue, and delightful sex? Yes indeed.

She resides in North Carolina, surrounded by the majestic Smoky Mountains and more craft beers than you can shake a proverbial stick at. She enjoys World of Warcraft dates with her husband and is generally no more than 12 ft away from her computer at any given time.

Her husband is her rock. Her cat, the sophisticated Albus Dumbledore Giambrone, is her editor.