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When Revisions Become Rewriting

I’ve been in denial for a while. Last year I wrote, revised, beta’d, revised, and polished my first novel, Drops of Life. It stands at 86k words, the first in a trilogy uncovering centuries of deception and corruption in the supernatural community. When I wrote it, I felt compelled to share both sides of the story to capture the plot and enhance the romance aspect. The quiet Geirr and awkward Silence.sunset-691995_1920

Now I’ve begun to rewrite it completely. I’m removing Geirr’s POV completely. Silence’s POV is changing to first-person. I can’t predict how long it will take to complete this task. Drops of Life was written in less than a year, but re-writing will take longer.

In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to work on my short stories for the Bowman’s Inn Anthology.

Speaking of which, do you like giveaways?

2017 Bowman's Inn Anthology Spring/Summer

I’ll be joining some of my fellow Bowman’s Inn authors on July 21, 2017 from noon to 9pm (CST). My time slot is from 2-4, so stop by and chat with me. I’ll be giving away a copy of the Bowman’s Inn Spring/Summer 2017,bathbombs

and doing a rafflecopter for a set of amazing bath bombs 😍

Make sure you at least drop by long enough to enter to win something. Every author will have their own giveaway, and the event lasts a total of three days. Share this with your friends. takeover.jpg

In other news, I’m going to experiment with something new–vlogging! I’m super excited about it. I’ll let you guys know once I’ve got my channel going.

Thanks, and later guys!


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