Bowman's Inn · Taming the Kraken

Embracing the Kraken is Nearly Live!

Isn’t it wild?

I’m overdue for a real blog, and I’ve got one planned, but for now let’s bask in the glory of the freshly revealed Bowman’s Inn cover:

2017 cover opt
Available for pre-order on Amazon!!

There are a total of seven (7!) amazing stories in here, all centered around the magic and whimsy of Cupid masquerading as a bartender. I’ve spoken on and off about my story and couple, but in case you need reminding:

Nat & Dustin – Let’s Get Personal

Tattooed Photographer Natalia lives carefree and light. She claims to want a commitment but she fails to hold on because she’s moving too fast.
Dustin, a charming CPA who’s noticed Natalia around and likes what he sees, gets caught in her tracks and offers her a chance to slow down. With him, of course.
But Natalia isn’t sure if Dustin is a worthy pause or if her new status of unemployed is a sign that she needs to make changes that don’t involve a relationship.

So if you’re curious, please buy the book. And you get all the cyber-hugs for reviews 😉

You can also follow the anthology and learn more about its history at the official Bowmans Inn Blog. (


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