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February can’t be over already!

The month was rather quiet after my initial fear of revealing my name. After that, what more surprises can I throw at you? Not too many.

I’ve mostly been hiding and writing.

Time to confess the scary truth:

Not all writing amounts to anything.

Most of us writers are okay with admitting that we have unfinished projects, but we’re less likely to admit that those projects will never be touched again. We can’t bring ourselves to delete the folder completely, but it’ll never be opened again.

Such is life. And I wonder if many readers realize this. Not every amazing idea pans out. Some hit serious, and I mean serious plot-holes that just can’t be remedied.

I’ve got a few of those. But for the most part, I hold onto my older writing just to see how far I’ve come.

But enough reminiscing and musing. Want to see what I’ve been working on?

Embracing the Kraken hasn’t been published yet, but mark your calendars for April! If you weren’t aware, it’s a not-so-short short-story, written for the Bowman’s Inn Anthology. In Kraken, we meet Natalia and Dustin, and watch and cringe while they attempt to find happiness. I’m sure it goes without saying that they do find it, but wow, do they mess it up at first.

The next in my series, Calming the Knight, continues Natalia and Dustin’s romantic journey. I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek. Shhh. Just for you. The first 300ish words. Rough and all.

Calming the Knight – Excerpt

     Falling in love is easy. So easy, there’s no question about why fools do it—because it’s as common as stepping in a puddle. Admitting to love is harder, usually because we fear the vulnerability of telling someone that they have this strange power over us. And then staying in love, well. That’s the real trick.

     I paused and read what I’d just written.

     “This is ridiculous. You said yourself that your brother’s marriage isn’t going to last, so why do I have to go through the motions?” I held the glittery, lacy, over-priced card up over my head and allowed Dustin, the man of my dreams and in all likelihood love of my life, read it.

     “Well, it’s all true. That’s actually really nice, Nat.” He returned it to my hand and leaned down to kiss my neck. “Sure you aren’t just upset that you aren’t a bridesmaid?”

     I huffed, genuinely. It was an action I’d never done before, but it felt damn right in this instance. “Yes. I’m so torn that Kelsey couldn’t find it in her heart to fit me into this sham of a wedding.”

     Normally, I’m all about weddings. After being a vital part of the industry as a photographer, I’d managed to keep my enthusiasm and optimism in true love and all things white. Yet just ten minutes with Rusty’s fiance had made my faith in humanity and love plummet.

     Maybe it was because Kelsey had kept eye-humping my boyfriend whenever her own partner was looking the other way. Maybe it was because in the period of their engagement she’d already cheated once that we knew of. Maybe it was because she insisted that she just needed Rusty’s proof that he’d be faithful to finally reign in her wild side.

     Or maybe because she was a bitch.


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