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The photographer, the witch and the wardrobe

I did my crazy crazy photoshoot and I have no idea how things turned out. I’ll be seeing the results on Feb 5, and then I’ll pop back here and announce my coming out of the revision closet… which will mean 3 things.

  1. This will go from Eva Gold Blog to (myname) Blog.
  2. My face will be here (eek!)
  3. New color scheme and perhaps layout. Still kind of iffy on that 😛

But new year, so why not? Fresh new looks all around.

And how goes the writing, you may ask?

I have submitted Embracing the Kraken to the Bowman’s Inn Anthology ! I’ll keep you guys posted on how that’s going. It has to pass editing and such 😛 The fun stuff!

I’m working on the sequel to Embracing the Kraken, tentatively called Calming the Knight, but I’m also working on a side project related to it, called Gin and Sprites. I like to juggle a lot of projects. There is downtime with revisions and such. While waiting for feedback, I like to keep writing.

So I think I’ve talked a lot about Embracing the Kraken, yet never gave details. So here we go!


Tattooed Photographer Natalia lives carefree and light. She claims to want a commitment but she fails to hold on because she’s moving too fast.
Dustin, a charming CPA who’s noticed Natalia around and likes what he sees, gets caught in her tracks and offers her a chance to slow down. With him, of course.
But Natalia isn’t sure if Dustin is a worthy pause or if her new status of unemployed is a sign that she needs to make changes that don’t involve a relationship.



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