Juggling projects & my face

The year didn’t start slow, that’s for sure. I’m currently polishing up a blog post, which will be up at the Happy Authors Guild this upcoming Saturday. I’ll be revealing tips about my hybrid plot and pants writing style. Stay tuned for snippets and spreadsheets!

Drops of Life hit a snafu when Scrivener decided to chomp my first chapter and mix it with random other bits, but I’ll recover. Book two, Life in Darkness is almost out of an extended outlining phase. I started writing it, only to have one of the characters whisper a horrible secret in my ear…suffice it to say, things had to change!

Embracing the Kraken is in the final stages of tweaking. Basically, I’m obsessing over every comma and singing ‘and, or, nor, for, yet, but, so!’ Natalia and Dustin are much better together than I originally thought. I’ve gotten amazing input from my critiquers, and I think it’s all coming together perfect.

On a side note, the anthology that Embracing the Kraken belongs to is getting its own webpage! Once I can share the link, I definitely will.

Other news:

I’m still planning on coming out of the writer closet. It’s an odd blend of excitement and fear. Have I said that before? Because I’m not kidding. My husband has been super supportive, and I’ll even be getting my photo taken. Some date soon, I’ll be revealing my name and face. How horrifying >_>

I know I’m not a model. But as a reader I love attaching a face to a name to a personality to a talent. How do I want to come across? Do I want to be Chuck Palahniuk choking his fans? Sort of, actually. That’s pretty flipping awesome, gotta say. And I have an image of Chuck Palahniuk choking my husband, actually. Definite man-crush going on.


When I think of my author self, I think I see a cross between the cool and sexy Laurell K. Hamilton






and the whimsical tea-sipping, steampunk goddess and badass archaeologist Gail Carriger.




It’s all about impressions. A picture is worth a thousand words–and as a writer I know EXACTLY what a thousand words is worth. It’s not ego. It’s not vanity. It’s expression. It’s becoming real and engaging. It’s shouting from the rooftops: I write and I’m damn proud!

Here’s hoping I photograph better now than in high school. *shudders*


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