Coming out of the author closet

As I move forward with my writing and plans, I keep stumbling on my use of a pseudonym. To be clear, I’m not ashamed of my writing. The reason for my pen name has mostly been due to being a private person, and because I’m married and I don’t want any awkwardness following my husband around.

I’ve come to the decision to drop Eva Gold, but it’s hard figuring out exactly how. I suppose it’s only a matter of requesting a domain change and adjusting this blog title. Then deleting facebook and starting over on Twitter. Nothing extremely drastic, yet I feel overwhelmed.

It’s scary to come out of hiding, even if I’m excited to stand by my work wholeheartedly once I do.

So expect changes, I suppose. I have no idea if changing the domain will remove my followers. I do know that I’m not trying to stay on Facebook. Maintaining an author page is a pain. I’m trying to be active on Twitter, but I’ll be starting over so… we’ll see. I’m still trying to edge over the first steps.


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