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2017 is upon us


Why yes, I am a dork and a Rowling fan!


I don’t do resolutions. I do goals. My goal of 2016 was to work hard and do whatever I could do in order to minimize my financial needs so that I could quit my job and write.  Not everyone has this option. I’m lucky to have a wonderful husband willing to cut back on spending and carry the weight of things while I try to put my writing first. I can never repay him for how supportive he’s been. He knows that I would live in my car if it meant I could focus on my writing–but the cat and dog (and himself!) wouldn’t take too well to it.

So for 2017 I’m going to do my best to ensure that his faith in me isn’t misplaced and that our forecast of budget meals and staying in wasn’t a sacrifice made in vain. What does this involve?

  • More frequent blogs, including more writing tips, inspirational tidbits, and good old “day in the life of this writer” moments
  • More engagement with the world! I’m attempting to master Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to give me tips because I am 100% social media noob
  • Drops of Life, my urban fantasy romance, is heading into a new level of polishing and possibly another beta read round. Then, I believe I have an editor lined up *crosses fingers*
  • Embracing the Kraken (formerly Taming the Kraken) will be shined up and submitted to The Bowman’s Inn Spring/Summer ’17 anthology.
  • More writing, of course!

First inspirational bit? My new view while writing:



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