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Updates. I can’t believe it’s almost 2017

Taming the Kraken has entered the final revisions stages! Exciting stuff. Want a snippet?

I’m feeling giving so here you go:

“One minute.” She said it like she was challenging him.

He tugged her away from the crowded central area. She didn’t protest, and when it no longer felt like there were walls pressing in on them, he took her by the waist and pulled her close.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

He waited to see if she would say anything, but her eyes simply flicked to his lips and her head tilted invitingly. She tapped her fingertips against his chest as if to remind him that he had a time limit. Heart pounding, he leaned over and claimed her mouth with his. She relaxed into him as their tongues danced and her hands roamed his body—pressing his chest, clutching his back, digging through his hair. Natalia kissed like she starved for him, and he knew how that felt.


Nat and Dustin have definitely been an adventure to write.

And in other news, moving day is nearly upon me! I’ll be moved in time for Christmas but of course I’ll probably be caught up in rearranging my life and unpacking until January. Hopefully, after the chaos is over I’ll be back with regular updates.


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