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When Revisions Become Rewriting

I’ve been in denial for a while. Last year I wrote, revised, beta’d, revised, and polished my first novel, Drops of Life. It stands at 86k words, the first in a trilogy uncovering centuries of deception and corruption in the supernatural community. When I wrote it, I felt compelled to share both sides of the… Continue reading When Revisions Become Rewriting

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It Starts with a Drink…

Originally posted @ The Bowman’s Inn. The Bowman’s Inn Anthology is a project that’s been kicking around for a few years, and I’m glad I was able to participate in the Spring/Summer collection. I’ve briefly chatted about this project on and off for a while, but I’ve never given the full details. So here we… Continue reading It Starts with a Drink…

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Embracing the Kraken is Nearly Live!

Isn’t it wild? I’m overdue for a real blog, and I’ve got one planned, but for now let’s bask in the glory of the freshly revealed Bowman’s Inn cover: There are a total of seven (7!) amazing stories in here, all centered around the magic and whimsy of Cupid masquerading as a bartender. I’ve spoken… Continue reading Embracing the Kraken is Nearly Live!